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Hendrik Enders endersh at ucalgary.ca
Mon Aug 31 17:05:35 PDT 2015


I have finished my time-frequency analysis of my EEG data. Some people have asked me for some very specific information regarding the wavelet properties and I am unsure how to retrieve this information. I have a sampling frequency of 500 Hz and I used the input [3 0.5] for cycles and a pad ratio of 2.

How can I calculate the center frequency of each individual wavelet that was generated between 3 - 50 Hz?
I have tried the following:

freqs   = [3 50];
cycles = [3 0.5];
srate   = 500;
[wavelet,cycles,freqresol,timeresol] = dftfilt3( freqs, cycles, srate);

This only returns two cells with wavelet information, time resolution and frequency resolution. How can I use the function to obtain center frequencies?

The second point that I need to find out is the duration in the time domain for each wavelet. Can anybody help how I can generate that information to provide a table with the wavelet information?

Thank you very much.

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