[Eeglablist] Importing edf

khm at iinet.net.au khm at iinet.net.au
Mon Aug 31 15:06:45 PDT 2015

I am attempting to import my EDF files into EEGLAB, unable as it says that I either do not have authority or the server is down. I selected the biosig toolbox. Please advise exact importing path for EDF if different to the above ( I followed the tutorial).

Also if the following steps can be confirmed, once downloaded I will be:

Remove artifacts by eye from continuos data ( this was an auditory task with subject eyes closed all movement was annotated during recording and an eye calibration task recorded prior to task.

High pass and low pass filtering continuous data.

I'm unsure about this one ( my data is 2 and4 minute long) can I treat this as an epoch ?? 

How do I capture a total band wave ? As an accumulated measure? Per task?

Kind Regards

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