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Srinivas Kota svkota at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 15:04:54 PDT 2015

In clean_rawdata usage it was mentioned that 'BurstCriterion' standard
deviation cutoff for removal of bursts is 3 for more aggressive without
loosing much EEG, conservative is 5.

Makoto, in the past you mentioned that SD==20 showed the best results in
your unpublished study. Do you have citation yet? I am interested in
learning how you made the comparison. I will like to do the same with my
data with different SD values.

I tried BurstCriterion values 3 and 20 on EEG during fast walking. With a
value of 3, I could preserve whole data, where as with value 20, more than
50% of data was lost. I did frequency spectrum with 'pwelch' in MATLAB.
Frequency spectrum prior and after ASR process differ with SD == 20 (not
sure significant or not) compared to SD == 3.

My EEG data was bandpass filtered 1 to 40 Hz.

Here is the other parameters for ASR process

arg_flatline = []; % default : 5 seconds
arg_highpass = 'off';% in Hz.
arg_electrode = [];% minimum electrode correlation, default : 0.85
arg_noisy = [] ;% line noise, default: 4;
arg_burst = 3;%[];% standard deviation cutoff for removal of bursts,
default: 5, agressive 3
arg_window = [];%default: 0.25

Thank you for your suggestions.


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