[Eeglablist] PREP pipeline & boundary events

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Fri Sep 4 05:20:13 PDT 2015

Dear eeglablist

I get into an awkward situation using PREP pipeline. The raw datasets I am dealing with are stored separately based on blocks. Firstly, I merged them up for every subject. Then I used PREP pipeline without ignoring boundary event. Since PREP does respect boundary events which represent discontinuities in dataset, PREP skiped all procedures. 

SO, the situation is that 
(i)when using merged dataset, whether should I just ignore boundary events or not? 
(ii)If I truely ignoring boundary events and run PREP, is there any problem? 
(iii)If I do not merge dataset and use datasets of single block, it will very likely lead to inconsistent number of channels in dataset of subject level due to different number of bad channels, and that will not be legitimate in the downstream behavior like ICA. 

What should I do? 

Thank you!

Li Xiang
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