[Eeglablist] How to take care of signal discontinuities following artifact rejection of continuous data

Nike gnanateja nikegnanateja at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 23:48:29 PDT 2015

Dear List,

I have recently shifted from artifact rejection of epoched data to
continuous data. In the process I have noticed that artifact rejection of
continuous data leads to abrupt transitions/discontinuities in the signal.
wont these discontinuities affect the later stages of processing. I have a
few questions on this issue

When we run ICA on the continuous data after artifact rejection, aren't
these abrupt transitions going to affect my ICA results ?

How can I extract epochs such that none of my epochs contain the the abrupt
transitions ? I am guessing that I have to use the BOUNDARY marks, but am
not sure how.


G Nike Gnanateja, MSc (Audiology) <http://goog_636235333>
Junior Research Fellow,
Department of Audiology,
All India Institute of Speech
and Hearing Mysore-06
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