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Tarik S Bel-Bahar tarikbelbahar at gmail.com
Wed Sep 16 15:49:57 PDT 2015

Hi Brittany, hope the below helps a bit, Cheers!

Please first try the following steps if you haven't had a chance to yet.

Typing "eeglablist add events" into google, first result is a recent
eeglablist discussion that should help you. This search is recommended as a
first step for most questions. The name of the link with the discussion was
 *"[Eeglablist] add events to the EEG data". *

If the google search does not work for you, you can search for that
discussion at the eeglablist archive for 2015 at

Please also first review the next few results that come up when
googling "eeglablist
add events", including  "Chapter 3 event processing" , "eeglab event
tutorial", "importing event info", etc...

*Some extra thoughts/points
In general there are many ways to add eeg events. In brief, you can learn
how to add events on your own by doing so manually from the GUI, and then
typing eegh to see the command that was sent (the "add events" command),
and then building a script with that command to loop through your epochs or
codes of interest. Overall, one wants to find the specific time in the
epoch where you want to put the event, then insert the event, and that
should be it. In your case, you would find the exact time of that epoch
where the 4 code is, then add 120 seconds to that time, and then insert the
event at that time. You could also make sure that you when you are
inserting the event you do no go past the time at which the 5 code is.
Another method is to import a list of times. Another methods is first
insert all the events into the continuous data and then epoch as needed.

On Fri, Sep 11, 2015 at 7:27 PM, Brittany Alperin <balperin07 at gmail.com>

> Hello
> I have resting state data with codes at the beginning (4 marks the
> beginning of eyes open and 6 marks the beginning of eyes closed) and end (5
> marks the end of eyes open and 7 marks the end of eyes closed) of each
> trial.
> Between each trial is a break/reminder of what the child is to do so the
> codes aren't all back to back and the time between trials is different for
> each subject (which makes it difficult to base things off of time).
> What I would like to do is add a code every two seconds between the codes
> I already have. I want to insert a 1 every two seconds between the 4 and 5
> code (or for 120 seconds after the 4 code) and a 2 every two seconds
> between the 6 and 7 code (or for 120 seconds after the 6 code).
> I first epoched my data to just include the 6 and the 4 codes (marking the
> beginning of eyes open or eyes closed trials) which left me with four two
> minute epochs. I'm now not sure how to insert my 1 or 2 codes
> systematically.
> Any thoughts would be appreciated!
> Brittany
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