[Eeglablist] EEGLAB in GNU Octave 4

James Desjardins jdesjardins at brocku.ca
Thu Sep 17 05:58:08 PDT 2015

Hi Arno et al.,

Looking into running EEGLab GUI in Octave it seems that the critical changes needed are pretty trivial. I just commented out any instance of...

if ~ismatlab,return; end;

... in eeglab.m. Then correcting an array orientation sensitivity in Octave's findobj.m (this was the only thing stopping inputgui.m from working).

I posted a 7 minute demo video on SHARCNet's youtube channel here<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npz2pBIc9CU>. The demonstration is performed on one of the visualization systems at SHARCNet.

There are still pages and pages of warning messages in the command line when working with EEGLab GUI in Octave, and there are some clear performance reductions from Matlab. Octave should also be able to run PropertyGrid GUIs, but I have not worked through the bugs there yet.

I think that given this new version of Octave it may be worth testing in Octave while developing GUIs in EEGLab.

Very exciting I think.

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That’s really cool James. Let’s assess if making the entire EEGLAB code compatible with Octave is doable.


On Sep 8, 2015, at 9:17 PM, James Desjardins <jdesjardins at brocku.ca<mailto:jdesjardins at brocku.ca>> wrote:

Hi Mindaugas,

I use Octave regularly to execute EEGLab processing scripts on remote clusters. From the command line EEGLab is very compatible with Octave (as long as there are no Fieldtrip folders in the path).

The issue with EEGLab compatibility has been with GUIs. Taking a look at Octave 4 now, I think that you are right in that the GUI compatibility may be "doable". For example, by simply replacing an instance of "str2mat" to "strvcat" in eegplot.m I am able to scroll through a data file from within Octave (with working menus etc.):


 This seems to be a very big step forward for Octave in this regard. That being said key functions like "inputgui" are not immediately compatible, but the required changes may be very systematic. I think that it will still be a big job to get the EEGLab GUI fully functional from within Octave, but I will keep my eyes open for systematic modifications that can be implemented to bring EEGLab GUI and Octave closer together (I know that this would be particularly valuable for interacting with data on remote HPC clusters).


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Dear Mindaugas and Arno,

> I encourage developers of EEGLAB to maintain functionality in Octave 4 much
closer to MATLAB!

Thank you for update. I've personally never tried EEGLAB on Octave. In theory it's nice to be based on the GNU Octave and reduce dependency on Matlab. However, in practice we would not afford it unless we could get funding support for the project.

I know there was such an attempt several years ago (Arno, any comment?)


On Wed, Jul 29, 2015 at 11:12 AM, <embar at super.lt<mailto:embar at super.lt>> wrote:

Two months ago GNU Octave 4.0 released. It uses graphical user interface
by default (OpenGL graphics with Qt libraries/widgets). I believe, in
Octave, EEGLAB could work with GUI mode also, but how to do this. I
encourage developers of EEGLAB to maintain functionality in Octave 4 much
closer to MATLAB!


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