[Eeglablist] Tool to find anatomical brain regions (with function) based on talairach coordinates

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Thu Sep 17 16:06:17 PDT 2015

Hello Sebastian, hoping the below is useful. Cheers!

All points mentioned below are googlable.

If you have not explored it, first use DIPFIT to start with, as per the
eeglab tutorial for source localizing ICs.

After that, check out the ICA artifact detection method from Frolich et al.
It has a sub-function (possibly from Kothe's BCILAB) which
calls  the talairach database via a talairch.jar object.
Thus it gives nearest brain regions for a set of coordinates, and can
do so for all your ICs.
If you're smart with matlab you could probably just read
the info about the service from BrainMap.org and implement
yourself in matlab, but the code in the Frolich tool may be instructive to

Last, please try to explore and benefit from the
multiple artifact-ICA-detector toolboxes available for eeglab,
including MARA, SASICA, and IC-MARC.

On Thu, Sep 17, 2015 at 5:17 AM, Sebastian Grissmann <
sebastian.grissmann at lead.uni-tuebingen.de> wrote:

> Hi there,
> I´m new to IC-based cluster analysis and I´m having a hard time
> interpreting the component clusters in my data. Now I´m looking for a tool
> that helps me to find brain regions (preferably, with corresponding
> functionality) based on talairach coordinates of the cluster centroids.
> Can anyone help me with that?
> Best,
> Sebastian
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