[Eeglablist] Questions about performing data preprocessing

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Sun Sep 20 13:44:21 PDT 2015

Hello Jason, hoping you're well. You're right the steps are a bit
koan-like, yet very useful!! They are not meant to replace the eeglab
tutorial, which is also very useful and has a lot of the basic info that
new users need to walk through. You should probably walk through the eeglab
tutorials on creating a study and also the ones on creating dipoles. Below
are thoughts on your questions 1 through 4.

1 - yes preprocessing occurs to each file one by one. That includes ICA and
dipole computation. Do all that before creating a study.

2 - just google "dipoles eeglab" in google, and select the first links
about dipfit. See also the options on the eeglab gui menu. please be sure
to try googling/reviewing existing documentation  in the first instance
with future questions.

3- See 1

4 - Data cleaning before creating a study. Data cleaning before ICA.

On Sat, Sep 19, 2015 at 11:17 AM, jason roger <jasonroger8 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear all,
> In Maktoto's preprocessing stage, I have some issues that are required
> more clarification.
> 1- If we have several datasets that are located in several files, do we
> need to perform the preprocessing steps to those files one-by-one?
> 2- What protocol/option in EEGLAB is able to achieve step number 12
> (Estimate equivalent current dipoles)?
> 3- In step 13 (Create STUDY), is there any way to apply data preprocessing
> for the whole sets of STUDY,i.e., each set inside the STUDY?
> 4-In the same step 13, there was a statement "Importantly, creating STUDY
> means you clean your data". Does that mean, we need to perform data
> cleaning after creating a STUDY, or this statement emphasizes on the
> importance of performing data cleaning before creating a STUDY?
> Thanks.
> Jason
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