[Eeglablist] confustion between methods of EEGLAB and ERPLAB

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Hello Ralf, hoping the points below help you. Cheers!

1. It depends on who you ask. The erplab approach is more for ERPs, and the
EEGLAB approach is for ERPS but especially for ICA. These tools reflect the
preferences/values of the investigators who guided their development.
Erplab was developed after eeglab, and was built on top of eeglab to some
degree. Please review the extensive written documentation on the erplab
site, and their user list where you can get more information about erplab.

2. You probably need to learn about EEG, ERP, and ICA techniques first to
make a best determination. Read a lot of articles. Find one expert you
trust, and maybe they can give you a one-on-tutorial or walk-through.
Definitive basic reading Luck's 2005 book Introduction to the Event-Related
Potential Technique, as well Recent Chapters and articles from Makeig and
others using ICA. [see Onton & Makeig's chapter in Luck's 2011 Handbook of
Event-related Potential Components). If you have not yet,  do the whole
tutorials with both eeglab and with erplab, using the practice data each
one provides, so  you can learn about the similarities and differences
between the programs.

3. Yes, technically, you can use eeglab for some steps, and erplab for some
steps, and vice versa, as they are both in matlab. At your level of
experience, it's probably best you just learn the steps with one of the
tools first, going through all the steps of just ONE PIPELINE, and really
understand them. Using eeglab and/or erplab requires going through their
tutorials and documentation, a general familiarity with EEG techniques,
some specific analysis goals, and a working basic knowledge of matlab. All
these points are well described in the introduction materials to eeglab and

4. Generally, in the future with similar questions, I recommend you list
the specific pipeline steps you have tried, and that you try to be more
specific about which steps or orders you have questions about. The more
specific you are, the more specific answers you might get.

Please also see and review the below if you have not had a chance to yet:
The EEGLAB summer school videos:

Fieldtrip EEG introduction [other videos on youtube as well]

On Sat, Sep 19, 2015 at 1:06 PM, Ralf Jack <ralfjack673 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear EEGLAB experts,
> Between the steps of Makoto's preprocessing pipeline and the tutorial
> series by Steven Luck
> that are located in the following link:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHZ16IR9moU&list=PL8oCqxu-lSEuUpGSXPKMqz4Hd8Tv5DqDm
> I have some confusion regarding which one of them is more reliable,
> especially that there are some differences between them in terms of stages
> orders and items-functionality.
> 1) Are both of them is about one topic?
> 2) I don't know which process is to follow? or where to do each. Any
> advice would help too much.
> 3) As a recommendation, are we able to mix both of them? If yes, then how?
> Any help would be highly appreciated.
> Ralf
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