[Eeglablist] Pop_biosig channels import issue

Adrien Martel amartel at tcd.ie
Wed Sep 23 04:13:23 PDT 2015


I’m trying to import raw biosemi data with the function ‘pop_biosig’ but I’d like to only import 64 channels and the 4 EOGs with P9 and P10 as linked mastoid references. Due to a bad config file for the biosemi system 234 channels were saved while only 64+6 channels were actually recording.

When I import using the line:
  EEG = pop_biosig(file, 'channels',[1:64 227:230] ,'ref',[24 61] ,'refoptions',{'keepref' 'on'});
and later edit the channel locations with:
EEG=pop_chanedit(EEG, 'load',{'cap64_new.loc' 'filetype' 'loc'},'setref',{'24  61' 'P9  P10'});

The last line produces the warning: 
Warning: channel labels should not be empty, creating unique labels 
Warning: the size of the channel location structure does not match with
         number of channels. Channel information have been removed.

and the EEG.chanlocs structure is changed to a default template ( .labels: Ch1 , Ch2 …)

I tried first importing all the channels and then use pop_select but unfortunately many of the 234 channels have the same name which either selects empty channels or deletes actually recording ones.

Is there a way to import only certain channels without discrepancies between the .data and .chanlocs? 
Or can channels be targeted by pop_select in a different way than with the name of the channels, or possibly rename the channels according to a 10-20 channel template?

Any help would be much appreciated!
Adrien Martel
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