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Michele Scaltritti michele.scaltritti at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 08:10:42 PDT 2015


I'm new to EEGLAB and to EEG analyses in general, so I hope my question is
legitimate and does not rest (or not only) on severe basic

I have a STUDY for a simple experiment, with 2 within-participant
conditions and 6 participants. For statistical analyses, I've been
suggested to use the non parametric cluster-based permutation procedure
(Maris and Oostenveld). I implemented it using the GUI (Fieldtrip
statistics). However, I would like to access the actual results of this
procedure. By searching around on the internet, I found that possibly
results are not stored automatically when running the function from the GUI
and that scripting may be needed. Basically, I would need to write the
exact function that was used to get results for the plot via the GUI (I
wasn't able to retrieve it using eegh). I understood that the function
should look like this:

[stats, df, pvals] = statcondfieldtrip (data)

My first and most basic problem is that I don't really get how my data
(from STUDY) should be re-formatted in order to be correctly passed to the
function. My idea would be to compare the two conditions across all the
channels (64 electrodes), so that appropriate corrections (for multiple
corrections both in time and space) are in place.

The second issue refers to the 'neighbors' parameter. Should I define the
Fieldtrip channel neighbor structure beforehand
(using std_prepare_neighbors) and then pass this structure to the
statcondfieldtrip function?

Thank you so much for your attention

michele scaltritti

p.s. of course I would be happy i you can just direct me towards a tutorial
taking into consideration these basic issues. My searches were unfruitful.
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