[Eeglablist] Trial by trial bad channel rejection

Varghese Peter V.Peter at westernsydney.edu.au
Tue Oct 13 22:45:00 PDT 2015

Dear EEGlab community,

I am working with 128 channel EEG data collected from infants between 1-2 years of age. Since there are lot of movement related artifacts, there are no consistent bad channels. But there are many bad trials using ±100 µVcriterion. I want to do the rejection as follows: if a trial has more than 20 channels exceeding ±100 µV amplitude, reject the trial altogether. If there are less than 20 channels exceeding ±100 µV, interpolate them. This needs to be done on a trial by trial basis. I was wondering whether this is possible in EEGLAB?

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