[Eeglablist] EEGLAB STUDY: Export of F- and p-values for publication

Christoph Justen christoph.justen at gmx.de
Sat Oct 24 07:41:15 PDT 2015

Hi everybody,

I have created a STUDY design in EEGLAB (2x2 design with 12 
participants). The statistics and plots/visualizations of the data look 
very promising.
Unfortunately, I am stuck at a certain point as I would like to 
export/retrieve the actual F- and p-values in order to report them in a 
publication relevant for my PhD.
The manuscript is almost done, except the statistics/result section is 
currently missing. Therefore, my question is: How can I export/retrieve 
the actual F- and p-values when using the STUDY design?

I hope you can help me and I am looking forward hearing from you soon.

With best regards,

Christoph Justen

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