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Carla Barros carla.88.barros at gmail.com
Fri Oct 23 07:29:02 PDT 2015

Dear all,

We have been implementing a protocol for time-frequency analysis of EEG
data using EEGlab, conducting a complex Morlet’s Wavelet analysis for
spectral decomposition. The Morlet’s wavelet is defined using the MatLab
function cmorwavf, and its parameters were set based on Roach and Mathalon,
2008 (length: 4-60Hz; step: 0.25Hz; number of cycles, temporal bandwidth,
and bandwidth parameter (Fb) are computed according to the parameters c and
m – c=7, m=4).

We are interested in measuring PLF and total, evoked and induced power. We
have computed the event-related power (across trials) by squaring the
magnitude of the vectors obtained from the spectral decomposition, followed
by baseline correction. The resulting power values were measured in μV^2,
and their order of magnitude varies between 10^5 and 10^6. Based on the
existing studies, it is difficult to get a sense of what should be the
right range. For instance, Hamm et al., 2012 reported similar order of
power magnitude, also measured in μV^2, using a similar time-frequency
analysis method.

Based on your experience, is this order of magnitude acceptable?
Thank you very kindly in advance.

Best regards,
Carla Barros & Ana Pinheiro
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