[Eeglablist] Removal of epochs (indexed according to raw data) from cleaned data

Brittany Alperin balperin07 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 09:58:34 PDT 2015

Hi Jodie,

I haven't done this with a study structure, but I have run a script in a
loop for individual files. I used pop_selectevent (in the GUI, edit>select
epochs or events) and deleted the events I didn't want. Mine were specific
bins, so it was fairly simple. I'm not exactly sure what types of events
you want to remove, but if it's systematic in any way, this should work.

Hope that's helpful,

On Tue, Oct 27, 2015 at 5:33 AM, Jodie Feil <Jodie.Feil at weizmann.ac.il>

> Dear All,
> I was wondering if there is a way/script to remove unwanted epochs once
> the data has been cleaned and is stored within a STUDY design. Whereby, the
> list of the epochs/latencies which I would like to remove are categorised
> according to the raw data (pre-cleaned) and I would like to remove these
> specific epochs/latencies from the cleaned data (where a number of other
> epochs may have been removed manually during cleaning).
> For example, I have EEG data which includes the cortical response of both
> correct and incorrect performance on a behavioural task. I would now like
> to remove the epochs corresponding to the incorrect trials. I have a list
> of the epochs/latency of the incorrect trials (however, this is indexed
> according to the raw data) and I was wondering where, following cleaning,
> the original epochs/latencies would be stored within the STUDY design. I
> thought perhaps this could be done through EEG.epoch within the STUDY
> structure. However, I am not sure how to write the script to remove the
> unwanted epochs without causing problems to the STUDY structure.
> If it is too difficult within the STUDY structure, is there a way to
> script this easily for extraction from individual files?
> Thank you for your time.
> Kind regards,
> Jodie
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