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Dorian Grelli dorian.grelli at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 03:02:25 PST 2015

Hi all,
I have my study with 16 different subjects. Each subjects was exposed at
the same condition for 60 minutes and EEG was recorded. After recording I
got 6 different datasets per each subject (each dataset is 10 minutes)
because I am interested in time course and I want to compare different
phase inside the 60 minutes recording. In order to obtain a more reliable
ICA, I am running runica and I concatenate all the dataset from the same

The point is that, with this concatenation, I get very similar components
(not 100% the same but very very similar) in different datasets of the same
subject. I know it's quite normal that they are similar because the subject
is the same in the same condition but I'm supposing that is something wrong
in what I am doing. Since it is very time comsuming run ICA and then remove
artifactual components (manually) I want to be sure.
Is it corret to concatenate the datasete in order to obtain a better ICA?

Thank you in advance!

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