[Eeglablist] Wrong channel location with MNI brain model

李想 lxraplikelx at qq.com
Mon Nov 2 23:21:29 PST 2015

*Dear list*

I found a problem when I loaded channel locations with MNI model, but 
this problem was absent with the BESA model. The problem is when I use 
*MNI model* to load channel location and *get FCz back in data* which is 
the online reference electrode, and I also *optimize center location* as 
Makoto's pipeline suggests. But the result is that *the position of FCz 
is totally wrongly located* which you can see in the image.

image: https://copy.com/izHOmdMe9x4EUkli

does anybody encounter this same problem before? and could you please 
give me some suggestions?


Li Xiang

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