[Eeglablist] Create datasets containing all the epochs of a condition/label

Adrien Martel amartel at tcd.ie
Fri Nov 6 11:08:16 PST 2015

In my experiment there are 5 conditions and I created epochs for each so that I have now 30 datasets for the 30 subjects with a different amount of epochs with labels (1-5 for the conditions) (bin-based epoching with ERPLAB).

I’m trying to get all the epochs belonging to 1 of the 5 conditions into 1 dataset so that the result is 5 datasets containing only epochs for each condition (without averaging because I would like to run a time-frequency analysis on each trial before averaging for each condition).

It’s quite simple I hope I haven’t made it confusing with my explanation.
If I’m not mistaken it's not possible to obtain this by creating a study.

I would be very grateful for any help how to do this.

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