[Eeglablist] Wrong channel location with MNI brain model

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Dear Makoto

Thanks for your reply! 

Actually, I had another problem with MNI template, that was, I did not get reasonable results of DIPFIT when I used MNI instead of BESA template. The dipole plot showed that the position of dipoles were definitely wrong since it was like located at the opposite side of fair positions I guess. I tried twice to use this way you suggested, but finally gave up with this problem. And I had seemingly good results with BESA template. Until now, I still have no idea about it. What possible reasons could cause this kind of problem? I will turn to documentation of eeglab and fieltrip for more details about dipfit as well. 

Thank you for your always being warm-hearted to helping us.

Li Xiang

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Dear Xiang,

When you put FCz back to the channels, follow these steps: you first enter the name FCz, then find channel locaitons, and finally optimize head center. This can't go wrong.


On Mon, Nov 2, 2015 at 11:21 PM, 李想 <lxraplikelx at qq.com> wrote:
Dear list
I found a problem         when I loaded channel locations with MNI model, but this problem         was absent with the BESA model. The problem is when I use MNI           model to load channel location and get FCz           back in data which is the online reference electrode,         and I also optimize center location as         Makoto's pipeline suggests. But the result is that the           position of FCz is totally wrongly located which you         can see in the image.
image:         https://copy.com/izHOmdMe9x4EUkli
does anybody         encounter this same problem before? and could you please give me         some suggestions?
Li Xiang
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