[Eeglablist] Electrolyte gel question

Pamela Leigh Stevenson pamela.stevenson at unb.ca
Tue Dec 1 14:29:00 PST 2015

Hello everyone!

I would like to get your advice on an issue related to electrolyte gel:

We ordered some electrolyte gel this summer and noticed that it arrived full of bubbles. We contacted the company to let them know and they send us some replacement gel. Unfortunately, the replacement gel has just as many bubbles as the original batch. We sought advice on how to decrease the amount of bubbles from the company who makes the gel, but nothing they suggested has helped. This has made data collection much more difficult (in terms of reducing electrode impedance).

Have any of you experienced this? If so, have you been able to reduce the amount of bubbles in the gel? Can anyone suggest a brand of gel that you have had a good experience with?

Thank you for your advice/suggestions!


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