[Eeglablist] bispectral index (BIS) plug-in for EEGLAB

Indir Jaganjac ijaganjac09 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 06:59:17 PST 2015

Dear Prof.Hagihira,

Excellent point. Please note that details of bispectral index (BIS)
algorithm are protected in patent. The Medtronic/Covidien 4-channel
BIS monitor is certified by the FDA.


Also, please note that Philips Healthcare Systems has certified BIS
monitor as well:


In my view, it is possible to compute BIS index values (0-100) in
EEGLAB (after artifact removal and ICA analysis), by combining power
spectrum and bispectrum and burst suppression.

Please see this scientific report of Brazilian team:


I. Jaganjac

On 12/3/15, Satoshi Hagihira <hagihira at masui.med.osaka-u.ac.jp> wrote:
> Dear I. Jaganjac
> The algorithm of bispectral analysis for EEG has arleady been
> established. However, we cannot calculate BIS (Bispectral Index), because
> the manufacturer didn't make its calculating algorithm in public domain.
> Only three articles described how BIS was calculated, but none were in
> detail.
> And all three articles contained errors.
> Furthermore, the developers of BIS argolithm had left the company. It
> is now immpossible to know the exact argolithm of calculating BIS.
> Bispectral Index is quite popular in anesthesia field. But it has many
> problems. BIS is calculated from three or four EEG derived sub-parameters
> combined with coefficients obtained by multi-variate analysis of an EEG
> database. It is not a "measured" value, but merely a "predicted" value.
> BIS includes some estimation error, and it sometimed not small.
> I personally think that we should not use BIS for pure scientific research,
> because it is quite difficult to evaluate its true meaning.
> best regards,
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