[Eeglablist] Time- frequency analysis

Leonardo Lion llionname at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 09:42:19 PST 2015

Hi everyone,

My question is about applying ht e Time- frequency analysis on my
continuous dataset (I don't have any epoch in the data).

In the EEGLAB, under the "Time-frequency transforms" option, there is a
parameter called "Sub-epoch time limits". In the help of this parameter was
written that "sub epochs may be extracted (note that this function aims at
plotting data epochs not continuous data). You may select the new epoch
limits in this edit box".

1- Does that mean, I can't do time-frequency analysis using "Time-frequency
transforms" of EEGLAB because I don't have epochs in my data)? Is this
could be a limitation of Time-frequency transforms (only dealing withe
epoch data rather than continuous one)?

2- In same "Time-frequency transforms" option, what is the meaning of the
word "log" that we find it in both "Log spaced" and "log power" parameters?

3- For baseline, when to select the option "Use standard deviation (STD)",
"Single trial DIV baseline", and "Single trial STD baseline"?  When we
change from one to another, does that change the dB unit or not, knowing
that the default option "Use divisive baseline" produces bar column in dB.
However, this bar color will be changed (e.g., std.) when we change the
option into "Use Single trial STD baseline".

Kind regards,
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