[Eeglablist] Error while precomputing channel measures

Fernanda Pérez Gay Juárez fernandapgj at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 07:56:11 PST 2015


I've been having this problem when trying to do some grand averages. After
loading all my datasets, and when clicking on "precompute channel
measures", I get the following error message.

Unable to write -MAT file C:(...)subject22>after.daterp

File may be corrupt

(Error occured in function std_savedat at line 47)

I found a similar problem reported in Bugzilla, namely Bug 764, but the
savedat function seems to have a fix for that bug. Here's the savedat
function code:

"function std_savedat( tmpfile, structure)

    delims = find( tmpfile == '.');
    if ~isfield(structure, 'datafile') && ~isfield(structure, 'datafiles')
        structure.datafile = [ tmpfile(1:delims(end)-1) '.set' ];

    % fix reading problem (bug 764)
    tmpfile2  = which(tmpfile);
    if isempty(tmpfile2), tmpfile2 = tmpfile; end;
    tmpfile = tmpfile2;

    if option_saveversion6
            save('-v6' , tmpfile, '-struct', 'structure');
            fields = fieldnames(structure);
            for i=1:length(fields)
                eval([ fields{i} '=structure.'  fields{i} ';']);
            save('-mat', tmpfile, fields{:});
*    else *
*        save('-v7.3' , tmpfile, '-struct', 'structure'); **line 47*

Note that my subjects datasets have been processed in another computer
however, last week I ran a grand average with files done on that same
computer and it worked fine. The MATLAB and eeglab versions on that other
computer are the same. This error happens with some datasets, but not with
others, so I ignore what could be possibly causing it.

Thanks for your help,

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