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Dear EEGLabListers,

the T2o statistics I'm looking for is a way of testing the stability of a Fourier component. Essentially, it tells you if the mean of a bunch of vectors is signifcantly different from null. A handy way of looking for significant responses to a periodic stimulus, for instance.




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Dear Peter,


> T_square_circ test


What does it do? The name sounds like a type of circular statistics.




On Fri, Dec 4, 2015 at 6:39 AM, Buzás Péter <peter.buzas at aok.pte.hu> wrote:

Dear EEGLabListers,

is anyone aware of an implementation of theT_square_circ test integrated in
the EEGLab workflow? I mean the statistical test described by Victor and
Mast ("A new statistic for steady-state evoked potentials",
Electroencephalography and clinical Neurophvsiology, 1991, 78:378-388).

As a novice to EEGLab, I would really appreciate your help.

Peter Buzas

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