[Eeglablist] help with load eggless in iMac

Xianghong xianghong at hmri.org
Mon Dec 7 09:37:32 PST 2015

Hi, all:

I am trying to use egglab in this iMac. However, it gave this error in matlab: 
Error: File: eeglab.m Line: 1387 Column: 18
"EEG" previously appeared to be used as a function or command, conflicting with its use here as the name of a variable.
A possible cause of this error is that you forgot to initialize the variable, or you have initialized it implicitly using load or eval.

And when I try to run brainstorm, the error:
EEGLAB is installed on your system and shadows some standard matlab functions. Without access to the function fminsearch, brainstorm will not run properly. 
Please remove EEGLAB from your matlab path and restart Brainstorm. 

What can I do?
Thank you,


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