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Dr. Ingmar Gutberlet ingmar.gutberlet at blindsight.de
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Dear Sanjaya,

one important thing to keep in mind with what you are trying to achieve is that in order to establish the focus point in 3D, the eye tracker has to be a binocular one.

The reason for this is that the focus point in 3D can only be determined automatically, if the eye tracker can calculate the vergence angle between the eyes.

This is quite easy to understand if you imagine the gaze vector of one eye as a „beam“ extending out from the eye. The closer an object you focus, the more inwardly angled this beam will be. However, without the corresponding and e.g. equally inwardly angled beam from the other eye, which then  intersects directly in front of your nose, the eye tracker would have no way of knowing that you are focussing on something in front of you and are not looking at a further away object that is located at an angle from you instead.

Some eye tracking manufacturers with monocular eye tracking devices have offline software to match gaze vectors over time to objects, e.g. on a shelf, but this would not be helpful here, since these offline algorithms reqire offline distance information time courses and then match gaze to objects over time, whereas you would not even have that sort of information in a wearable and thus dynamic scenario.

So, in fact, what you wish to do requires a truly binocular wearable eye tracking system, i.e. one with a separate camera for each eye.

Kind regards,

Dr. Ingmar Gutberlet
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Dear All,

My question is not directly related to EEG. Sorry about that.

I want to record data of the eye movement, finally to get the focus point of vision in 3D space simultaneously with EEG recording. There are some wearable technologies which I can be used for my purpose. But I am concerned any interference noise caused by the eye tracking device to the EEG measurement.

I want to locate the eye tracking system remotely.  Can you recommend some good system which will suits my requirement.  Thank you for your help.



Sanjaya Vipula Bandara,
B.Sc. Mech.Eng.(SL), MPhil.Biorobotics(SL), AMIESL
PhD Student,
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Kyushu University,
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