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Adrien Martel amartel at tcd.ie
Mon Dec 21 05:20:27 PST 2015

Dear all,

I’m trying to use the PREP pipeline to preprocess my data and I have yet another question concerning referencing.
As stated in the paper every form of referencing is problematic and the most commonly used (common average) can introduce huge artefacts if only one channel is noisy. The solution is to first remove bad channels. 
I’m wondering how to achieve this if during the import of BIOSEMI data a reference is required. Is there a way to import the data without referencing and use the pipeline to remove bad channels and reference with the robust algorithm? Or should I reference to common average at import and then run the PREP pipeline? Would the latter not still introduce artefacts if there is a noisy channel?
The converter given by BIOSEMI does not solve the problem as it still requires a form of referencing.

The high-pass filter of the prep pipeline is said to be temporary so did I understand correctly that if the detrend high-pass is set to 1Hz I can still high-pass filter later at 0.5Hz for example?

Lastly, I’d like to use PREP pipeline with the command line (so as to run it for multiple subjects in a row), does anyone have an example option file that can be adapted and used to call the prep function?

Thanks very much,

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