[Eeglablist] Importing data in BDF format

Christopher Barkley barkl025 at umn.edu
Wed Dec 23 13:55:46 PST 2015

Hi all,
I'll admit I'm 'new to the game,' but I have what I hope is a simple
question. I am attempting to import a .bdf file through the EEGLAB GUI. I
select the file, input the appropriate arguments in the pop-up window
(including a reference channel) then press OK. Looking at the MATLAB
command line I see 'Reading data file header....,' followed by 'Reading
data in bdf format,' but then I receive a 'reshape error ("to reshape the
number of elements must not change; error occurred in function sread() line
141). I understand the MATLAB aspect (the reshape function), but I am
unfamiliar with sread() (I can't find any documentation on it in MATLAB and
it does not appear on the list of EEGLAB functions.... Any advice on why I
might be experiencing this error/what it means would be greatly
appreciated. All the best,
Chris Barkley
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