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MJ mrcjonet at gmail.com
Sun Dec 27 16:27:28 PST 2015

Dear all

I am currently writing a Doctoral Thesis as part of my requirement to
obtain a Phd. in Psychology and counseling.

My research has to do with the utilisation of binaural beats in the
treatment of ADHD.

As my entire setup is Mac, I first purchased an EEG system from Emotiv, as
well as both Parallels and Windows 10 in order to run EEGlab on my Mac.

After quite a number of trials and errors, I managed to find a way to have
EEGlab reading my EDF file but wonder if you have a tutorial or you can
explain to me
how I can then extract specific brainwaves info such as Alpha, Beta, Delta,
Gamma and Theta from my EDF file, using EEGlab running on Matlab

As I am still a student and very new in all the above, your help would be
really appreciated.

Many thanks in advance

Best regards

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