[Eeglablist] Induced power from wavelet

Lundin, Nancy B. nlundin at indiana.edu
Sun Jan 22 15:01:18 PST 2017

?Hello list,

I would like to calculate the induced ERSP in my data. I planned to run the wavelet decomposition on my data to calculate total power, and then separately run a wavelet over the averaged data to get the evoked activity, and then subtract the evoked from the total to get induced activity. However, when I manually average the trials, I get an error message when attempting to save my EEG datasets saying that the number of epochs in the data structure is not the same as the number of epochs in the data (which makes sense, since I averaged).

I was wondering if there was a more direct way to calculate induced ERSP in EEGLAB rather than this manual subtraction method?

Thank you,


Nancy Lundin
Doctoral Student, Clinical Psychology & Neuroscience
Indiana University Bloomington
Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences
1101 East 10th St.
Bloomington, IN 47405
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