[Eeglablist] BCILAB Parameters Resubmit

Eric Po ppo at ucdavis.edu
Wed Jan 25 16:13:08 PST 2017


I apologize for my previous email that had an attached file to it.  This is
my first time using this emailing list and did not know that rule.  The
text below is from the same email but with the file removed.  Thank you for
letting me know.

My name is Eric and I am an undergraduate student at UC Davis currently
using BCI Lab for a project. My team and I are having a bit of trouble with
defining the parameters when we define our approach.  Specifically, we do
not understand what "Sampling rate after resampling" is asking to define.
We know that this value is defined in Hz and has a default value of 100 but
what exactly is being sampled and what does the "resampling" part refer
to.  Also, for the parameter "number of CSP patterns (times two)", we do
not understand what this is asking for or what it is supposed to define.
Specifically we would like to know what a CSP pattern is.  I have
researched and read many articles on these parameters and I am still having
a hard time understanding what these values are supposed to represent.  I
have attached a screenshot of the GUI that pops up when we are prompted to
enter these parameters.  Any comments or advice would be greatly
Thank you in advance.

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