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Job announcement

Applications are invited for a post-doctoral research fellow in the area of EEG-based language processing at the University Côte d'Azur (UCA). The position is open for two years and renewable for one or two more years. The candidate will work in the project From Mind to Brain <http://mshs.unice.fr/?page_id=7880>(http://mshs.unice.fr/?page_id=7880 <http://mshs.unice.fr/?page_id=7880>) which is funded by IDEX UCA JEDI <http://univ-cotedazur.fr/english/idex-uca-jedi> (http://univ-cotedazur.fr/english/idex-uca-jedi <http://univ-cotedazur.fr/english/idex-uca-jedi>) and whose purpose is to determine whether given alternations in sound structure (such as k-s in electri[k] - electri[s]ity) involve phonological computation or not. The basic properties of the experimental protocol are set (production EEG with silent pronunciation, i.e. without vocal activity, MR-based source localization of the EEG signal) but more fine grained properties may evolve. The candidate is expected to conduct data acquisition, processing and interpretation (EEG and MR, source localization), as well as to participate in scholarly writing. S/he will also have the opportunity to carry out independent, autonomously designed work.
Applicants should hold a PhD in a relevant field (linguistics, psychology, speech science or other disciplines related to the cognitive neuroscience of language). They should have extensive experience with EEG including statistical analysis, experimental control software (e.g. E-Prime, Psychopy) and statistical software (e.g. R, Matlab). Proven skills in scholarly writing will be an advantage, as will be a background in linguistic and especially phonological theory. Finally, the candidate is expected to have good social skills and the ability to work in a team.
The working language in the project is English or French, and the position does not involve any teaching. Like all other team members, the candidate will be supported for conference travelling and other expenses related to his/her team-based or personal work. Wages are about 3050 Euros per month (after social contributions, before taxes). The project is located on the city campus Saint-Jean d'Angély <http://bcl.cnrs.fr/rubrique17>(http://bcl.cnrs.fr/rubrique17 <http://bcl.cnrs.fr/rubrique17>) close to Old Nice, and the work environment is the BCL <http://bcl.cnrs.fr/> lab (http://bcl.cnrs.fr/ <http://bcl.cnrs.fr/>), hosting linguists and psychologists.
The position is tenable as soon as possible. Applicants should send the following to <scheer at unice.fr> <mailto:scheer at unice.fr>: an application letter, a curriculum vitae and a list of publications. These documents should be received by March 1st, 2017.

Marie Gomot,
Secrétariat SPNC

Marie Gomot, PhD
Chargée de Recherche

Centre de Pédopsychiatrie
CHU Bretonneau - 2 Bd Tonnelle
37044 Tours Cedex - FRANCE

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