[Eeglablist] Merging two datasets *after* appending eventlists

Grusha Prasad grusha.prasad at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 07:19:24 PST 2017


I've been trying to merge two datasets using pop_mergeset() after appending
eventlists on both the sets and I get this error at line 275: Reference to
non-existent filed 'urevent'. I read through the thread "Merging two
datasets with unequal number of events" and from what I gathered, it seemed
like the issue had to do with eventlist somehow changing the 'urevent'
structure. While there are fewer events in my event structure when compared
to my urevent structure (because while binning it, I am ignoring my
'distractor' trigger), this doesn't seem to be the problem - because the
problem persists even when I try merging sets before I bin them (so
'urevent' has the same number of events as the 'event' structure).

Though the 'urevent' isn't missing, I tired the proposed solution in the
thread and ran

EEG = eeg_checkset(EEG, 'makeur')

This did not work either. So I went in to the script for pop_mergeset() and
commented out lines 254 to 294 (the part which seems to be trying to
concatenate the urevents). This seems to do the trick. The files merge and
the event structure has the right number of events. However, as expected,
the new EEG structure has the urevents only from the first set. From the
little I understand though, it seems to me like this wouldn't be a problem
because all further steps (Artifact detection and computing averaged ERPs)
seem to use just the event structure. Is this true? Or will there be any
problems with doing this that I am missing?

Thank you!
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