[Eeglablist] Using discontinuous baseline region in epochs for wavelet analysis

Julian Yaoan Cheng jycheng0 at stanford.edu
Mon Feb 6 17:04:56 PST 2017

Hi all,

Suppose we have the following 2 trials types:

Type 1: 1 second cue -> 6 second delay

Type 2: 1 second cue -> 0.5 seconds fixation -> 1 second cue -> 6 second delay

We would like to analyze the 1 second of cue immediately prior to the 6-second delay, but use the 600ms before the first cue onset as baseline. This causes epochs from trial type 2 to have a discontinuity between the baseline and the cue period of interest.

I'm stuck not knowing how to epoch because each dataset cannot have different epoch lengths, but if I use different datasets then I can't do a wavelet analysis of trial type 1 vs type 2.


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