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Tarik S Bel-Bahar tarikbelbahar at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 10:57:37 PST 2017

Hi Harold,  The concatenating you're doing via script may not meet eeglab's
needs, assumptions, or checks. first thing one could try is to load the
.set files manually via gui, which allows you to append loaded sets. Then
confirm that all their info in the EEG.data is matching up. Then, via the
GUI, attempt the merging of the sets, and review the resultant file and
file info. If you don't get the same issue in the resultant file via this
path, then use eegh to grab the code and use a variant of that in your
script, try to make sure you're not missing any updating commands that
eeglab needs. Alternatively, if replicable, it might something to drop into
the bugzilla list (wherein something like this might already be listed).

On Sat, Feb 18, 2017 at 6:25 PM, Harold Hodgins <hodg4890 at mylaurier.ca>

> Good Evening,
> I'm working on a MatLab script to combine several set files for one
> subject into a new set file for further analysis.
> The original set files have already been filtering, corrected, and
> epoched. The only major difference between them is the number of epochs
> since some were rejected due to things like the subjected blinking.
> When I tried plotting the new data set I noticed that the new data wasn't
> displayed the same as the old data.
> Specifically the epoch data for the original set had markers at each event
> but the new data I added on didn't.
> Also the data with markers that's displayed doesn't line up doesn't seem
> to be for the correct set.
> The screenshots can be found at https://www.dropbox.com/s/4cqub9pl2k78cuh/
> combiningseveralsetfiles.zip?dl=0 and below is the the MatLab code I tried
> clear;
> ALLEEG = pop_loadset('filename',{'411RCC.set','424RCC.set','425RCC.
> set'},'filepath','C:\\Users\\hodg4890\\data\\4\\');
> new_set = ALLEEG(1);
> new_set.datfile = 'newRCC.fdt';
> new_set.saved = 'no';
> new_set.setname = 'newRCC.set';
> new_set.filename = 'newRCC.set';
> new_set.data = cat(3,ALLEEG.data);
> new_set.trials = size(new_set.data,3);
> new_set.event = cat(2,ALLEEG.event);
> new_set.epoch = cat(2,ALLEEG.epoch);
> for i=1:new_set.trials
> new_set.epoch(i).event = i;
> new_set.event(i).epoch = i;
> end
> pop_eegplot(new_set);
> pop_eegplot( ALLEEG(1) );
> Sincerely,
> Harold Hodgins
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