[Eeglablist] Failed to import latencies (pop_importevent)

Victor Flores Benites suryavf at gmail.com
Wed Mar 22 22:29:06 PDT 2017

Dear all,

I'm importing event and epoch information.
I use the function pop_importevent:

% Event
fields = {'latency','type','number','repettion'};
event  = [latency type  number repettion];

% Star import
EEG = pop_importevent(EEG,'event',event,'fields',fields,'align', 0,...

The contents of the cells *event *and *fields *are shown in the figures:


After running the code, the result is not as expected.


The latencies are different from the values indicated in the input cell
The latency values are loaded in the column *init_time.*

How to correctly define latencies?
What is *init_time*?

Thanks for your help!

Victor Flores Benites
Bachiller en Ingeniería Electrónica - UNI
Investigador - Universidad de Lima
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