[Eeglablist] Average ERSP figure

Nabi Rustamov nabi.rustamov at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 19 12:48:34 PDT 2017

Hello,I amtrying to get the average ERSP figure from 2 subjects. The script that I am using,creates the ERSP figures for each subject separately. Which command should I addto the script bellow to get the avaerage ERSP? I tryed to use the commands that I use for getting average ERP figure but it did not work. Thanks. Nabi     [ALLEEGEEG CURRENTSET ALLCOM] = eeglab;MAIN='C:\\Users\\user\\Desktop\\ersp\\'; SUBJ={'sbj3_' 'sbj4_'};  for s=1:length(SUBJ)    EEG= pop_loadset([SUBJ{s},'condition1.set'], MAIN);%     EEG2= mean(EEG.data,3);%     all_erp(s,:)= squeeze(erp);     figure; pop_newtimef( EEG, 1, 22,[-1000  1998], [0] , 'topovec', 22, 'elocs', EEG.chanlocs, 'chaninfo', EEG.chaninfo, 'caption', 'Cz', 'baseline',[0], 'freqs', [1:100], 'plotphase', 'off', 'padratio', 1); end
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