[Eeglablist] eegplot and TMPREJ

Benedikt Ehinger behinger at uos.de
Fri May 5 10:42:56 PDT 2017

Hi Max,

the eegplot-rejection method is really not nice to use.
The solution I use, uses global variables

global rej
eegplot(EEG.data,'srate',EEG.srate,'winlength',8, ...
        'events',EEG.event,'wincolor',[1 0.5 0.5], ...
        'command','global rej,rej=TMPREJ',...

tmprej = eegplot2event(rej, -1);
[EEG,~] = eeg_eegrej(EEG,tmprej(:,[3 4]));

It is a very good idea to save this "rej"-variable. You might want
re-clean or re-apply the cleaning later!


Am 04.05.2017 um 18:21 schrieb Max Cantor:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to do manual artifact rejection of continuous data using
> eegplot, and to later apply those rejections to another EEG object which
> is the same data except with different filtering. However, I'm having
> trouble accessing the TMPREJ object which eegplot uses. In debug, I can
> access it from Base in the Function Call Stack, but I don't seem to be
> able to otherwise access it, and my current application doesn't seem to
> be working. Here is what I'm trying to do:
> command = '[EEG LASTCOM] = eeg_eegrej(EEG,eegplot2event(TMPREJ));'
> eegplot(EEG.data(1:64,:), 'srate', EEG.srate,  'events', EEG.event,
> 'command', command);
> unfilt_EEG = eeg_eegrej(unfilt_EEG, eegplot2event(TMPREJ));
> My understanding is that the command variable should be applying the
> rejection of TMPREJ on EEG in eeglab, however I get the following error
> after pressing the reject button in eegplot:
> Undefined function or variable 'EEG'.
> Error while evaluating DestroyedObject Callback
> And likewise since I haven't been able to figure out how to access
> TMPREJ, I can't get the subsequent line to work either.
> If anyone has a solution or alternative method, I would be very
> appreciative.
> Thanks,
> Max
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> Max Cantor
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> Cognitive Neuroscience of Language Lab
> University of Colorado Boulder
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