[Eeglablist] dipfit-Warning: use cfg.headmodel instead of cfg.hdmfile

m. kazanç mekazanc at hotmail.com
Sun May 7 07:34:47 PDT 2017

hello, i have problems related to dipfit step.

when i start this process;

EEG = pop_multifit(EEG, [1:19] ,'threshold',15,'plotopt',{'normlen' 'on'});
this message is shown in command window;
Warning: use cfg.headmodel instead of cfg.hdmfile

Also, in before , i had not  used filedtrip during dipfit process. After I installed fieldtrip, below 3 messages come out.

Warning: The field cfg.xgrid is deprecated, pleae use cfg.grid.xgrid

Warning: The field cfg.ygrid is deprecated, pleae use cfg.grid.ygrid

Warning: The field cfg.zgrid is deprecated, pleae use cfg.grid.zgrid

Can you help me please ?


by the way:

EEG.dipfit generates, this result ;

 hdmfile: 'C:\Users\MEHMET\Desktop\eeglab13_6_5b\plugins\dipfit2.3\standard_BEM\standard_vol.mat'


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