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Dear colleagues,

please find attached a call for workshop papers "*Connecting Minds, Muscles
and Bodies: Using Physiological Sensing and Physical Output to Support
Communication". *We hope that you will be able to submit a contribution.
You can also
forward the email and the attached CfP to anyone who might be interested.
In the
case you have any question do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Nataliya Kosmyna, Mariam Hassib, Max Pfeiffer, Albrecht Schmidt


*Web Page of the workshop*:


*Important Dates*

Submission: 1st of June

Notification: 25th of June

Held with the ECSCW, August 29, 2017, Sheffield, UK:

Physiological sensors such as Electroencephalography (EEG),
Electromyography (EMG), heart-rate sensors in addition to on-body sensors,
haptic output technologies such as mechanic actuators, Electrical Muscle
Stimulation (EMS) among other on-body IO technologies all provide rich
opportunities for enhancing interactive systems. The human body as a source
of information reveals a myriad of emotional and bodily states, which can
now be measured using consumer electroencephalographs, muscle activity
sensors, among others. On the other side, the human body can be augmented
to provide output such as movements or gestures. Current communication
technologies often suffer from being impersonal and noncontextual. Using
on-body sensors for implicit or explicit sensing and physical output
modalities (e.g. EMS) to transfer information, sense context, emotions, and
mental state opens up the possibility of using physiological sensing to
enhance technologies connecting people. In this workshop we will explore,
ideate and prototype the opportunities provided by physiological sensors
such as EEG, EMG and EMS for building seamless, novel and embodied
communication systems. We will also discuss current technical and design
challenges posed by physiological IO and propose new solutions.
Topics of Interest
The workshop will focus on the following topics, but similar topics will be
welcomed for submission and discussion during the workshop.

   - Novel methods for cooperation and connecting people using
   on-body input and output
   - Extending existing communication / collaboration technologies using
   physiological input and output
   - Mutli-user physiological sensing input and haptic output applications
   - Applications for using Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), other
   on-body haptic feedback technologies, and Electromyography (EMG) for input
   and output
   - Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) for HCI applications outside the lab
   - Combinations of BCI and physiological sensors, and Virtual/Augmented
   - Extension of Virtual/Augmented Reality with on-body haptic output
   - Developing ecosystems for interactive physiological computing
   - Immersive haptic feedback applications
   - Ethical Implications of physiological input and output technologies in
   social settings
   - Models, Theories, and Concepts for designing and evaluating
   physiological sensing input and output applications

The accepted submissions will be published on our workshop page. During the
workshop each accepted paper will be presented in a 5 minute presentation.
At least one author of the accepted paper needs to attend the workshop.
Participants need to register at the ECSCW conference and register for the
workshop. For further information please visit the conference page


Please submit up to 4 pages of the ECSCW paper format to Mariam Hassib
<mariam.hassib at vis.uni-stuttgart.de>
(mariam.hassib at vis.uni-stuttgart.de), Nataliya
Kosmyna (natalie at kosmina.eu),  Max Pfeiffer <max.pfeiffer at uni-muenster.de> (
max.pfeiffer at uni-muenster.de) no later than the *1st of June 2017*.

*Important Dates*

Submission: 1st of June
Notification: 25th of June
Workshop: 29th of August


Mariam Hassib, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Nataliya Kosmyna, Inria Rennes, France

Max Pfeiffer, University of Muenster, Germany

Albrecht Schmidt, University of Stuttgart, Germany
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