[Eeglablist] interpolating channels by scripts

Nike gnanateja nikegnanateja at gmail.com
Sun May 14 12:46:31 PDT 2017

Hi Jose,

You could just store the original chanlocs immediately after loading your
to-be-processed file.

load file

backup_locs = EEG.chanlocs;

after the rest of processing, i.e.,after pop_subcomp in your case,

EEG = pop_interp(EEG, backup_chanlocs,'spherical')

this should do it. This way you do not have to load another data file and
can also save on RAM.


I wonder why your ALLEEG is empty!!

> I'm currently doing the preprocessing of an EEG dataset,
> Before ICA I removed some bad channels, and after rejecting the bad
> components I'm trying to get back these channels interpolating with
> pop_interp,
> However, I'm having problems for doing this. First, I have to load another
> dataset to indicate which channel I want to interpolate because when I open
> the dataset to interpolate the list of channels has updated and if I want
> to interpolate the channel 57, it removes and interpolates the current 57
> (which was before 58),
> So I need to open another dataset, and indicate that I want to interpolate
> the channel 57 from that original dataset with the full 66 channels,
> Second, while trying to do this, opening two datasets, I was confronted
> with the problem that when running a script the dataset is covertly open
> and the MATLAB workspace doesn't perceive it and if I ask for:
> EEG = pop_interp(EEG, ALLEEG(1).chanlocs(recoverChan), 'spherical');
> where recoverChan = 57 (commands lines I get when testing it manually),
> the system rightly warning me "Index exceeds matrix dimensions" because
> indeed the variable ALLEEG is empty,
> Somebody knows a trick to solve this?
> best
> Jose
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> Subject: [Eeglablist] Getting data out of EEGLAB STUDY
> Dear all,
> I used the attached image to plot the power spectrum of two groups.
> However, my question, is there any way to extract the data from the STUDY
> in order to plot same plot out of the STUDY?
> Highly appreciate any help.
> Valerio
>>  Power Spectrum using STUDY.png
> <https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Byt9XStqEMdIbzltLU9Pc0hkYm8/view?usp=drive_web>
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> Subject: [Eeglablist] LORETA-KEY output
> Dear all,
> I am trying to output electric neuronal activity at specified ROIs from
> LORETA-KEY (sLORETA). The Connectivity module Help says that it is
> possible, but I have not been able to output this data.
> Has anyone been able to do this?
> Best regards,
> Priyanka
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