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James Jones-Rounds jj324 at cornell.edu
Tue May 30 12:35:21 PDT 2017

I've noticed these issues, sometimes, too. A couple things that have
usually been the cause for me:

1) If you're working with a STUDY, have you made sure your Memory options
are set to hold just one dataset in memory at a time? You can select this
option from the File > "Memory and other options" menu.

2) Increase your MATLAB's Java Heap Memory to as much as you can (some
other more savvy users out there might have some counter-recommendations
about this). You can do this using the "Preferences > General > Java Heap
Memory" menu option. You might need to restart MATLAB then for it to take

3) Are you accumulating your results in any self-inflating matrix or array?

my_results = []

for data_index = 1:length(my_datasets)

       this_dataset_result = my_datasets{data_index}.results;
       my_results = [my_results; this_dataset_result];


Sometimes, depending on how you do this, it can become excessively large
and unweildy for your computer to continually store in memory.

I've also rarely found that the RAM usage reports from MATLAB correlate
with how hard it seems my computer is working, so I don't know if it makes
sense to trust the output you're talking about.

Hope that helps,

James Jones-Rounds
Laboratory Manager
Human Development EEG and Psychophysiology (HEP) Laboratory,
Department of Human Development,
Cornell University | Ithaca, NY
eeg at cornell.edu
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