[Eeglablist] question regarding event marker's labels

Deepa Gupta deepag1 at umbc.edu
Mon Jun 12 15:38:41 PDT 2017


When I plot my EEG scroll-able data, I am unable to see event labels but I
see event markers. For example, if we see the figure in this link below, I
am able to see the marker vertical lines but not the labels such as
'square' , 'rt' etc.
I've already tried going to settings>Events on option. Also, I checked
EEG.event as well as EEG.urevent and I see that all of the event
information is there. However, the labels still don't show up. Could
someone please suggest me how to resolve this and why this might be

Many thanks in advance
Deepa Gupta
Research Assistant
CSEE <http://www.csee.umbc.edu> at UMBC <http://www.umbc.edu>
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