[Eeglablist] Dipole Fitting - Dipoles' moment

Nils Hachmeister nils.hachmeister at uni-bielefeld.de
Mon Jun 12 00:55:50 PDT 2017

Hall again,

my topic is still dipole fitting, but as this question is otherwise 
unrelated to my first question I gave it a separate post.

When performing dipole fitting with EEGLAB-dipfit I only ever came 
across single 3-d vectors as representations for a dipole's moment. It 
is my understanding of dipole fitting that the dipole's moment should 
change over time, thereby generating the activity explaining the 
IC-activation (minus the RV).

I understand that having one, adequately chosen moment (representation) 
per dipole during dipole fitting is handy. However, I intended to 
perform a connectivity analysis on the dipole-activation (more precisely 
on the moments' norm). Is there some way to obtain such information from 
the dipole model? Or is this the wrong approach?

Best Regards


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