[Eeglablist] rejecting epochs vs rejecting continuous data

Panin, Francesca francesca.panin at anglia.ac.uk
Fri Jun 16 01:40:04 PDT 2017

Thanks very much for your suggestions Tarik

I can do rejection of artefacts manually, there is no problem for the procedure. My question was more on what is the advantage of rejecting entire epochs of an epoched EEG vs manually selected portions of the continuous EEG since both options are available and I was wondering if one is better than the other

BTW, I will follow your suggetsions and look at the other tutorials as well

Thank you

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To: Panin, Francesca
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Subject: Re: [Eeglablist] rejecting epochs vs rejecting continuous data

Hello Francesca, notes below. Best wishes.

You should be able to simply open eegplot after loading your continuous unepoched data, and then one can easily manually select any continuous period for rejection. Check out rejection tutorial on eeglab wiki too. Let us know if you have success with this basic step.

Btw, normally ICA does not reject anything. Further ICA can be run on data with or without epoching.

As you are new to eeg analysis, it is highly recommended to check out eeglab tutorials, do eeglab tutorial with eeglab tutorial data, see eeglab summer school videos, review eeglab and erplab powerpoints, review makoto's generalized eeglab recommendations page, search past eeglablist posts, and of course, check out various handbooks for eeg, including those from mike cohen, steve luck, and others. All these resources are easily googlable.

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