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Hello Jaleh, Notes below
best wishes.


*Since the component plots show ICs looking at their time courses cannot
inform you about bad channels, unless, for example, the ICs are very
focused on a single channel, or clearly have some bad channels in their
scalp map.

*One can use component-based  artifactual period rejection tools via the
eeglab gui (which has multiple kinds of rejection similar to the suite of
channel-based artifactual period rejection tools in the gui). Further, it
is possible that some of these methods (component-based artifactual time
period rejection in the eeglab gui) use the temporal IC course as part of
the information.
See the listing of Tools>Reject options at the page describing the eeglab
menu options.

*One can also check the reconstructed EEG data before and and after
removing some components to see which components (when retained),
contribute to a noisy channel in the rebuilt EEG data.

*One could also build a new function to "guess" worst channels based on IC
temporal information

 If you haven't had a chance, please make sure to review the following
chapter on the eeglab wiki, which is really useful for new users (along
with the other chapters of course! :)

Chapter 01: Rejecting Artifacts - SCCN



On Sat, Jun 17, 2017 at 6:40 AM, Jaleh Mohammad alipoor <sugmad973 at yahoo.com
> wrote:

> hello,
> l want to know after running ICA, can l use "component time course"
> through "plot>component activations (scroll)" to identify and remove bad
> channels?
> Best regards,
> Zhaleh
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