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Mon Jun 19 17:50:39 PDT 2017

Dear Robert,

> On Jun 19, 2017, at 4:38 PM, Robert Thatcher <rwthatcher2 at yahoo.com>
> wrote:
> Hi Guys,
>     My posts to the EEGlab forum are blocked and so I am no longer
> including the EEGlab email address in communications.  The "suppression" by
> the moderator is not good and given social media and internet the
> suppression will not prevent the truth from being made public.
> Ironically, the dialog with Arnu started because he falsely posted on the
> internet that I had suppressed his email in response to the You Tube Video
> that is the URL below.
> This statement is completely inaccurate .... indeed,  false. We have been
very diligent in passing the emails regarding this discussion as soon as we
have received them. I recall writing at least one-time last week to you
explaining the reasons of WHY the email was rejected. I also gently invited
to you to resubmit the emails without the attachments. We have proof of
this. So let's  be clear and fair with our commitment here, there is no
irony......no suppression of any kind has happened.
One of the EEGLAB list moderators,

ps. You will receive this email twice... since you are still on the EEGLAB

> http://www.appliedneuroscience.com/ANSA-ICA_Reconstruction.mp4
> All the facts in this video are true and none of the email exchanges
> between myself and Arnu and Jason proved that these facts are not true.
> Although Arnu's ICA reconstruction resulted in less distortion than the
> WinEEG ICA reconstruction, nonetheless each and every time point in the
> artifact free sections of the original EEG was distorted by both ICA
> reconstructions and for those interested I am again attaching the original
> EDF files so that if anyone is curious they can verify the distortion of
> the artifact free sections of the orginal data after removal of one ICA
> component and then using 18 ICA components to reconstruct 19 channels.
> There are now many additional examples of this fact with independent
> verification by multiple professionals and no one can stop this truth
> seeking process.   The motivation to continue to expose the "adulteration"
> of the original EEG and therefore distortion of the underlying physics of
> the electricity of the brain will continue because patient's lives or the
> quality of life is at stake.  An ediface of false science is now being
> built based on aduleration of the underly electrical properties of the
> brain.  There is no justification for this, especially the strange belief
> repeated over and over again like a cult that: "channel level coherence
> is fundamentally misleading since brain sources in a particular area may
> project widely across most or all electrodes".
> When one adulterates the microvolt values in the original EEG then one
> decouples the subject/patient from his/her brain and all subsequent
> analyses are invalid including directed coherence and coherency and
> cross-frequency coupling, and phase slope index and amplitude-phase
> coupling and any other volume conduction correction method.
> In the future there will be more You Tube Videos and publically available
> numbers and documents not only by myself but by many others and the battle
> to suppress and to maintain the cult belief system will be more difficult
> in the future.
> Also, as a reminder how many agree to Georges proposition:  "Will you give
> me 19 bitcoins if I give you 18 bitcoins"?
> Best regards,
> Robert
> <Australia-Pre-ICA.edf><Australia-Post-ICA.edf><Australia-
> Post-ICA_delorme.edf>

Ramon Martinez-Cancino
Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience
Institute for Neural Computation, University of California San Diego
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