[Eeglablist] eegplot:overlap two dataset

Bernhardsson Jens Jens.Bernhardsson at miun.se
Tue Jun 27 03:32:10 PDT 2017


You have the option ’data2’ in eegplot

eegplot([ALLEEG(3).data], 'data2', [ALLEEG(1).data], 'color','off')


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Ämne: [Eeglablist] eegplot:overlap two dataset

I was wondering if it exists an easy way to plot two different datasets in the same eegplot to look the scroll of the activity, like one red and the other blu. I have tried to use eegplot and hold on and play around.... I obtained just a plot with one dataset below the other.. with eegplot([ALLEEG(3).data; ALLEEG(1).data], 'color','off')... any hint will be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks in advance,

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