[Eeglablist] a question about causal Projection moudul in sift toolbox

sp zarei sp.zarei at gmail.com
Fri Jun 30 19:14:13 PDT 2017

Dear *EEGLAB members*,

I'm working on connectivity analyses in source space using SIFT toolbox. In
this regard, when I follow SIFT>>Group analysis>>Causal projection
(MPT)>>Project routs, I get the following error in MATLAB:

Index exceeds matrix dimensions.

Error in grp_mpa_prjGraphMetric (line 106)
    g.graphMetric.srcNodes  = dipoleAndMeasure.numberInDataset(dipidx);

Error in create_mpt_submenu>command_measure_project (line 76)
        [~, STUDY.measureProjection.(measureName).object] =

Error while evaluating uimenu Callback

Does anyone have an idea what might be causing this error?

Thanks for your time,

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